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Alphabet Bead Manifesto

Alphabet Bead Manifesto


Alphabet Bead Manifesto is an explosive expression of myself in the form of a personal manifesto turned into a beaded collar and a handmade dress inspired by the plaid fabric of my Catholic school uniforms. This project serves as an ongoing performance, expression, and declaration of self in a bold and unapologetic manner. While the garment is still powerful in its message standing alone on the dress form, it is truly brought to life when worn. Alphabet Bead Manifesto, the web project, provides a curated space to explore and understand the meaning behind the fifteen lines that make up the manifesto. As previously stated, this project currently exists in two forms, the physical garment and the web project. The garment consists of a handmade dress made of second hand fabric and buttons and the beaded collar that spells out the manifesto using alphabet beads. The web project currently only details the first five lines of the manifesto, but will eventually include all fifteen.

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